If you’re ever at the wrong place

A brewery is that place to be.

I’m not just saying that for any reason either!

Earlier this month my friend decided to have her birthday brewery tour (which by the way is a genius idea, but more on that in just a second!!).
DEBCSo I’m driving on autopilot for about 35 minutes, get to the Deep Ellum Brewery, pay, and get my IPA.
After wondering where everyone was and wondering why I thought it was a good idea to get there on time, I realize it.

I’m at the completely wrong brewery.
And I just ordered some delicious tacos.


Well I eventually got to the right brewery which was the Lakewood Brewery.

Lakewood brewing

First off let me say, the atmosphere from both breweries are pretty different.
The Deep Ellum Tour was super packed and didn’t let you walk around the brewing vats nearly as much as the Lakewood tour.

The Lakewood tour definitely impressed me what with the nice snifter glass they give you.
You get 3 regular tap drinks and one “Legendary Series” drink- in this case Antigoon’s Revenge and La Dame du Lac.
I chose La Dame just because they mentioned Lady of White Rock Lake urban legend.

All in all I say go check out both of these breweries-and try the limited edition beer while you can!



So I was walking around the grocery store looking for the perfect sandwich ingredients when my lovely informed me that we actually only had a single beer left in our fridge


Because I now had the excuse I needed to peruse the acceptable variety at my local Target.
( I say acceptable not because of the fact that it is extremely limited as far as selection goes but also because the beer is not  refrigerated. Who does that?! Allows you to buy beer only to go home and wait a few hours before enjoying an ice cold beverage?!)
Fifteen minutes later of walking back and forth I noticed Saint Arnold’s was promoting their variety 12 pack.


What stood out however was the fact that they were bringing back their Mighty Arrow Pale Ale.
I love it when beers have “revival” periods.
And this one couldn’t have come at a better time what with the sun finally coming out in Texas.

After cooling it down and pouring it in a nice little globe glass (The recommended glassware was on the label.), I sat down to taste this beer outside as my cat sauntered towards the birds.

This beer yells, “SPRING IS HERE!” with its subtle citrus notes.
Light for a pale ale, yet with a crispiness that comes straight from the different hops they use, this beer instantly won me over.
There was the faintest lingering sweet aftertaste that speaks true to the honey malt used in their brewing process.

If the quick little flavor profile hasn’t quite grabbed your attention, maybe the fact that this beer was named in honor of man’s best friend will!
The ‘legend’ has it that Arrow, the Aussie/Border Collie mix dog, patrolled the New Belgium factory for twelve years! 
I was trying to find a little more about the story of Arrow and though I did come up short, I found out that when the brewers were promoting the beer they actually held some contests and donated some funds to the Humane Society of the United States.

So why not take this nice day outside and enjoy it with a good ol’-limited time only- American Pale Ale that was dedicated to our furry companions?

Oak Cliff Coffee Ale

I had this beer after class the other day and fell in love.
It was as smooth as it gets!
Found this video which really makes you appreciate the local community coming together to bring everyone a delicious beverage!

The Whole Foods at Addison has it on tap.
Enjoy some while it’s there!